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Same Day Hearing Aid Service For Everyone!

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Same Day Hearing Aid Service For Everyone!

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Same Day Hearing Aid Service For Everyone!


david azim testimony

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lawrence Cardano at his office at the Hearing Center of Long Island. Dr. Cardano is a very knowledgeable professional; he is caring and a respectful listener. Dr. Cardano takes his time to explain everything and makes sure you understand the issue and feel comfortable. He spends as much time with you as you need and encourages you to ask questions and takes time to answer questions. Dr. Cardano is deeply committed to patients cars and communication and very devoted to his profession. He has a very thoughtful and warm personality and also has a sense of humor which I enjoyed too. The staff is always pleasant and courteous; and the hours are great and very accommodating to different schedules. I have been to many Audiologists, but found Dr. Cardano to be very dedicated and compassionate. For him, it’s not only about fitting you with a hearing device, but how to improve your quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Cardano. Amazing experience!”

– David Azim 

frank panariello testimony

“Hearing loss in my family goes back to my mom who was the first in need of hearing aids. It was a blessing to come upon Dr. Cardano and Hearing Center of Long Island to help my mom get acclimated to new sounds and enjoy better hearing. His patience and guidance every step of the way made my mom so comfortable and trusting in him.

It wasn’t until many years later that my own hearing difficulties brought me to Hearing Center of Long Island as a patient myself. Coping with hearing loss can be extremely stressful, but the caring and support of Dr. Cardano and his staff has helped me through the years – from finding the right hearing aid for me to making the proper adjustments to give me the best possible hearing – and has improved my enjoyment of life. The staff and doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island are understanding and always handle my needs and concerns in a caring and professional manner.

I would highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone who needs help with their hearing. Thank you for everything!”

– Frank Panariello, Elmont, NY

mr shaw testimony

Mr. Shaw and Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro

“My hearing problems began when family and friends got tired of me asking them to repeat themselves. My hearing difficulty was frustrating for me but it was probably even more frustrating for them.

In October of 2004, I worked for Century 21 located right up the block from Hearing Center of Long Island.I went to your office and met Dr. Cardano and Dr. Lazzaro. They were very informative and made improving my hearing very simple to do.

Choosing Hearing Center of Long Island to provide my hearing care turned out to be the best decision I ever made.My hearing improved immediately and continues to be a great asset to me today.

The office staff was very helpful from the beginning and continues to be that way today. The office was and continues to be a very positive place to go. I have good times every time I have an appointment. After all the years I have been associated with Hearing Center of Long Island, the same great attitude continues by doctors and support staff.

Thank you for all you do. ”

-Jack Shaw, Massapequa Park, NY

jo anne lakatos testimony

Jo-Ann and Dr. Lorraine Rein

“Before coming to the Hearing Center of Long Island, I had significant hearing loss. It was frustrating. From my very first appointment, the front desk staff were very friendly and welcoming.

The doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island are wonderful. Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro was very sweet and genuinely concerned about my hearing situation. Dr. Lorraine Rein was very pleasant and answered all of my questions. She helped me adjust to my new hearing aids easily.

My hearing aids arrived quickly and wearing them ever since has changed my life. I am able to hear things I couldn’t before! They are comfortable and have helped me tremendously. Thank you!”

– Jo-Ann Lakatos, Lynbrook, NY 

jonathan katz testimony

Jonathan and Dr. Larry

After living with hearing loss for years, I finally went to the Hearing Center of Long Island. From testing and diagnosis to choosing the right hearing aids and explaining how they work, to processing of insurance, the doctors and their staff could not have been more helpful and friendly.

It has been a totally positive and life changing experience. I can hear so much that I didn’t know was missing – even including birds and other nature sounds and the full range of music. I can understand people ingroup settings, on the phone, and communicate better in all situations which brings me closer to family and friends.

Learning about and using this incredible technology has truly enhanced my life and has made me a happier person. Thank you!

– Jonathan A. Katz, Valley Stream, NY 

joseph testimony

“It’s been a five star experience working with Dr. Cardano and his staff.

Prior to receiving my hearing aids I alienated myself from associating with people because I couldn’t hear properly.

Everything now sounds so clear. I can now hear a whisper, enjoy watching television and playing my Hammond B3 organ!

At Hearing Center of Long Island you will find a very friendly, caring, and helpful team. They do everything they can to ensure that their clients experience with wearing hearing aids is successful.

In closing I want to thank Dr. Cardano and his staff for the chance to hear and enjoy the sound of music again.”

– Joseph Ruggiero, Laurelton, NY 

lawrence testimony

At Hearing Center of Long Island, the staff is great. The doctors are excellent.

– Lawrence Brignati Lynbrook, NY

mary milone testimony

Dr. Larry, Mrs. Milone, and her delicious home made cookies

“As you will read in her comments below, we have had the honor of providing hearing care for Shelia Taaffe for a long time. It is a delight to work with her and to help her take advantage of improvements in hearing technology over the years. She has an infectious positive attitude that has helped her overcome many challenges, including the challenges of hearing loss. She is an inspiration to us. Thank you, Mrs. Taaffe for allowing us to share your comments below, and for the honor of providing your hearing care.”

– Dr. Larry

“I have been a patient at Hearing Center of Long Island for over seven years. It is only thanks to the friendly, knowlegable doctors and staff at Hearing Center of Long Island I can enjoy hearing conversation with family and friends.

I have been cooking and baking since I was a little girl. I especially enjoy cooking and baking for friends and family. I consider the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island to be friends and family. I hope they enjoy my home made cookies!

Thanks to my friends at Hearing Center of Long Island.”

– Mary Milone, Valley Stream, NY

norman testimony

I need to hear well in my work as an attorney. It is also important for me to hear well when I am with my family and in social situations. Unfortunately, my hearing aids were not originally dispensed and fit at Hearing Center of Long Island. After I was fit with them I had a number of difficulties that were not resolved. The difficulty I had hearing on the phone, at work and with my family even while wearing my hearing aids was very frustrating.

Fortunately I found Hearing Center of Long Island. The staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional. The doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island took the time to understand my difficulties and to analyze the cause of my problems. They then used their expertise to solve my problems. They significantly improved my hearing and quality of life – all while working with the hearing aids already had.

My thanks to Dr. Cardano and the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island for all you have done for me. I would enthusiastically recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone coping with hearing difficulty.

– Norman Mendelson Lynbrook, NY 

ricardo testimony

“I visited Hearing Center of Long Island, I was trying to wear a hearing aid that was given to me by a relative. It was not much help as it was not customized for me. I was skeptical that anything would be better.

Fortunately, I attended a presentation by Hearing Center of Long Island director Dr. Lawrence Cardano. I learned the right questions to ask and how I might be able to solve my hearing problems.

After the presentation, I visited Hearing Center of Long Island. The doctors there took the time to find out what my concerns were and what was important to me. They customized a solution for me and helped me get used to better hearing easily. Now I enjoy wearing my hearing aids and hearing well in situations where I used to have trouble, like having conversations with family members and listening to TV.

I would highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone having difficulty with their hearing.”

– Richard Catalano, Malverne, NY

ross testimony

“I would like to thank Dr. Larry and his staff at Hearing Center of Long Island for the expert service and caring attention they have given me

I was reluctant to get help for my hearing for a long time. The staff at Hearing Center of Long Island put me at ease right away. Now I can hear and understand conversation very well with my new hearing aids. I don’t misunderstand what people are saying like I used to and I no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves. I can even enjoy my country music more. I realize now how much I was missing out on before I let Hearing Center of Long Island help me.

My children thank you too! I no longer annoy and frustrate them with my hearing difficulty.

Thanks again to all my friends at Hearing Center of Long Island.”

– Rose D’Angelis Valley Stream, NY

carla testimony

“Very helpful and professional staff. My mother’s quality of life is so much better. She is happier and more engaged. Thank You Hearing Center of Long Island for everything!”

– Carla Brissett-Douyon, Elmont, NY  

sheila  review

“I have been going to Hearing Center of Long Island for my hearing care since 1997. I had been wearing hearing aids for a long time before that. I’m so glad I found Hearing Center of Long Island.

I’m especially happy to have the follow-up service I get. I have been surprised by the improvements in technology over time. Technology for hearing improvements keep getting better and better. The doctors at HCLI make sure that I am introduced to improvements that can help address my concerns, without paying for features and technology I don’t need.

The doctors and staff go out of their way to explain things in a clear and timely way, and they respond to any questions or concerns I have. The service I have received is excellent. I would definitely recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone struggling with hearing difficulty!”

– Sheila Taaffee, Garden City, New York  

stephon testimony

“Mr. Foster with Dr. Lorraine Stephon Foster Testimonial Prior to coming to the HCLI I was extremely bothered by my hearing loss. Having solo conversations or even just watching TV was major issues. TV too loud, talking too loud, and ringing in my ears (tinnitus) was depressing. Now with my hearing aids life is that much better. The tinnitus is mastered with the fine tuning of Dr. Rein and my overall hearing experience in life is grand. I am beyond happy with everything.”

– Stephon Foster, Laurelton NY  

As one of the premier hearing care centers in Valley Stream, NY, our team at Long Island Hearing Center also provides award-winning hearing services to patients from Lynbrook, East Rockaway, Oceanside, Franklin Square, Malverne, Rockville Centre, Hewlett, West Hempstead Lawrence, Woodmere & Elmont, NY.