Hearing Aid Financing in Valley Stream, NY, With TreatmentFi™. Simplified Patient Financing.

Hearing Center of Long Island is proud to partner with TreatmentFi™ for hearing aid financing in Valley Stream, NY to provide all patients the opportunity to experience better hearing and improved cognition. This program is a revolutionary breakthrough in how patients afford the medical treatment of hearing loss.

Hearing loss, a progressive degenerative disorder, can have a serious impact on both physical and cognitive health. The consequences of living with untreated hearing loss are profound and can result in a lack of proper simulation to the brain, tinnitus, falls, and memory loss, cognitive decline and Dementia.

At our practice, we believe access to hearing health care should never be limited by finances. Our program provides affordable, high-level, hearing health care to all.

The standard TreatmentFi™ subscription plan is $175 per month and includes all of your hearing health care needs. Customized plans area available to meet your hearing, cognitive and financial needs.treatmentfi
TreatmentFi™ is your access to hassle-free, affordable hearing health care. Guaranteed!

With our TreatmentFi™ subscription program, we are able to provide, to all patients suffering with hearing loss, the clarity they need and the cognitive stimulation they require – all at an affordable set monthly price.

Worry-Free Unlimited Treatment Plan With Hearing Aid Financing in Valley Stream, NY. Seriously!

The benefits of treating your hearing loss with TreatmentFi™ are exceptional and unlike any other treatment plans available to patients! Each patient who starts the treatment of their hearing loss on a TreatmentFi subscription can expect the following benefits:

  • A Pair of Adaptive NeuroTechnology™ designed to address the cognitive aspects of hearing loss
  • Lifetime Hearing Loss Coverage with Affordable Fixed Monthly Treatment Plan Costs
  • Lifetime Warranty (Any and all repairs covered plus a one-time replacement for loss)
  • Automatic Technology Upgrades every 48 months (or less)
  • Access to discounted Technology Accessories includes technology accessories  – such as wireless TV adapter, rechargeable battery charger and batteries​
  • All office visits, expert programming, and maintenance included
  • All Hearing Technology Supplies Included: batteries, cleaning accessories

The standard cost of a TreatmentFi™ lease subscription is $175 per month. However, customized treatment plans for hearing aid financing in Valley Stream, NY, are available depending on hearing and cognitive needs, insurance benefits, and your financial situation.