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Our Core Values

At Hearing Center of Long Island, the approach we take to  treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus is based on five core values. We analyze our own performance on a daily basis to ensure that we are implementing these values in everything we do. We ask our patients to judge us based on these values.

Continuous Improvement – Hearing healthcare and the medical treatment of hearing loss is constantly evolving. New technology and techniques for improving results and the patient experience are emerging constantly. We are focused on giving our patients the benefits of these new developments. In addition, we continually update our skills and develop our own procedures to provide the best possible care.

Results – We do everything we can to give our patients the best possible results – not just “some benefit”. This is different from the approach of many hearing healthcare practices. Today it is possible, and common, to provide some improvement in hearing with treatment that is less than optimal. That approach may be cheaper but results in patients struggling – often on a daily basis for years – with frustrating hearing clarity and comprehension problems that reduce the quality of life and which could have been avoided.

Education – We educate patients and the public about the real effects of untreated hearing loss and the most effective treatment. We provide information and insights that allow those with hearing loss or tinnitus – and their families – to make well-informed decisions regarding their hearing health care and the medical treatment of hearing loss.

Patient Experience – We provide an experience worth talking about. We show patients that we are going ‘out of our way’ to give them the best possible results and that we appreciate their trust in us.

Trust – We earn trust, we don’t expect it by default. We know our patients have many choices when deciding on a provider of their hearing health care. We do the work to show our patients why they can feel comfortable to trust our recommendations and our care.

core values of hearing center of long island