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Same Day Hearing Aid Service For Everyone!

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Same Day Hearing Aid Service For Everyone!

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With over 10,000 patients helped since 1996, we have received numerous Hearing Center of Long Island reviews praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate doctors, and state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences with our expert audiologists.


david azim testimony

David and Dr. Larry

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lawrence Cardano at his office at the Hearing Center of Long Island. Dr. Cardano is a very knowledgeable professional; he is caring and a respectful listener. Dr. Cardano takes his time to explain everything and makes sure you understand the issue and feel comfortable. He spends as much time with you as you need and encourages you to ask questions and takes time to answer questions. Dr. Cardano is deeply committed to patients cars and communication and very devoted to his profession. He has a very thoughtful and warm personality and also has a sense of humor which I enjoyed too. The staff is always pleasant and courteous; and the hours are great and very accommodating to different schedules. I have been to many Audiologists, but found Dr. Cardano to be very dedicated and compassionate. For him, it’s not only about fitting you with a hearing device, but how to improve your quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Cardano. Amazing experience!”

– David Azim david azim 5 star review

david azim testimony

Guy Ferrara with one of his dance partners giving salsa dance lessons

“When I first visited Hearing Center of Long Island I had trouble hearing in restaurants and during conversation with more than two people. This was frustrating for me because I like to socialize.

The treatment of my hearing loss at Hearing Center of Long Island was very effective. I was carefully interviewed regarding my concerns and priorities and proper treatment was customized for me.

I have enjoyed Latin dancing and playing the bongo drums for years. Now that my hearing is improved, I enjoy music and dancing even more.

I always recommend Hearing Center of Long to anyone who has difficulty with hearing clearly.”

– Guy Ferrara david azim 5 star review

david azim testimony

Sheila Siegel

“I appreciate all the care and time you have taken to help me enjoy better hearing. I am very pleased with my improved hearing. I certainly will recommend Hearing Center of Long Island without reservation.”

– Sheila Siegel Sheila Siegel 5 star review

david azim testimony

Mr Fenenbock with Dr. Lazzaro

“The professionals at the Hearing Center of Long Island are helpful beyond belief and have improved the quality of my life. I recommend them highly. “

– Howard Fenenbock 5 star review

david azim testimony

Mr. Frimerman and Dr. Larry

“Totally satisfied does not begin to describe my satisfaction and positive experiences with the Hearing Center of Long Island.

In the past twenty years, I have gone to four different hearing care practices. Hearing Center of Long Island is by far the best. Every member of the office treats you as an important person, not just a patient/customer.

Dr. Lawrence Cardano, Au.D is totally thorough, professional, has a great sense of humor, and displays a true feeling of caring. And did I forget to mention, provided me with the best hearing loss treatment that I have ever had. My hearing is much improved. For the first time in many years, I can actually participate in conversations in noisy places like restaurants, parties and meetings.

I would be remiss if I also did not mention the caring service that I received the front desk staff. Gina helped navigate me through the insurance claim process, which I am sure many of you know can be an unwieldy process. She made it simple.

The Hearing Center of LI is the best place to go for your hearing needs. Look no further.”

– Les Frimerman david azim 5 star review

bill piemonte testimony


“I’ve worn hearing aids for the past 25 years and cannot imagine my life without them. In the morning before I’m wearing my aids, I feel like I’m alone in my own world not being able to hear. They are so comfortable I don’t even know I’m wearing them.

I visit Hearing Center of Long Island every six months for preventative maintenance, update adjustments and cleaning. This continuing care helps to keep me my hearing at its best. Additionally, I call or e-mail HCLI whenever I need batteries.

Hearing Center of Long Island is very unique in the world of health care. I am thankful for their “Walk-n Service” every day between the hours of 1pm and 2pm. No appointment is necessary. It’s a great convenience for people with a busy schedule. Of course, you can always make an appointment to fit your own personal need.

The doctors and the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island are great to work with and are caring individuals. I am never disappointed.

There’s a lot to be heard in this world and I’m glad I can hear it. Thank you, Hearing Center of Long Island.”

– Bill Piemonte bill piemonte 5 star review

“It was my good fortune to have been referred to the Haring Center of Long Island. Hearing loss often brings with it some apprehension and concerns. From the moment that I first visited the office, I was made to feel secure and comfortable. I was greeted with respect and professionalism by both doctors and staff alike. Any fears I might have had were put to rest by the in-depth, understandable and concise answers I received by Dr. Lazzaro and the staff.

Treatment of my hearing loss at Hearing Center of Long Island has given me a new lease on life.

Thank you”

– Charles Gelo Joseph Svirida 5 star review

joseph svirida testimony


“Several years ago, I started to develop symptoms of possible hearing loss. I began to speak louder. My wife would periodically say “Didn’t you hear what I said?” I couldn’t hear conversations behind me, I couldn’t hear certain sounds and usually had the television volume on high.

So I decided to go to an audiologist for an evaluation to determine if my hearing was impaired, and, if so, to what extent and what were my options to improve my hearing.

At that point, my journey to the Hearing Center of Long Island began. Not only did I find the office to be convenient but, most importantly, I came into contact with an audiologist who was knowledgeable in his field of work, compassionate, both friendly and sociable and was not “pushy. He presented several options to treat my hearing loss and answered any questions I posed.
I addition, the office staff and other audiologists are personable and professional, and will always address any concerns I have. They are simply “service oriented”.

As a result of the above not only am I totally satisfied with the staff and the treatment that were recommended to me that I would highly recommend the Hearing Center of Long Island for your hearing needs.

– Joseph Svirida joseph svirida 5 star review

“Totally satisfied does not begin to describe my satisfaction and positive experiences with the
Hearing Center of Long Island.

In the past twenty years, I have gone to four different establishments. The Hearing Center is by far the best. Every member of the office treats you as an important person, not just a patient/customer.
Lawrence Cardano, Au.D is my assigned audiologist. He is totally thorough, professional, has a great sense of humor, and displays a true feeling of caring. And did I forget to mention, provided me with the best pair of hearing aids that I have ever had. My hearing is much improved. For the first time in many years, I can actually participate in conversations in noisy places like restaurants, parties and meetings.

I would be remiss if I also did not mention the caring service that I received from front desk staff. Gina helped navigate me through the insurance claim process, which I am sure many of you know can be an unwieldy process. She made it simple.

The Hearing Center of LI is the best place to go for your hearing needs. Look no further.”

– Les Frimerman Joseph Svirida 5 star review

frank panariello testimony

Frank and Dr. Larry

“Hearing loss in my family goes back to my mom who was the first in need of hearing aids. It was a blessing to come upon Dr. Cardano and Hearing Center of Long Island to help my mom get acclimated to new sounds and enjoy better hearing. His patience and guidance every step of the way made my mom so comfortable and trusting in him.

It wasn’t until many years later that my own hearing difficulties brought me to Hearing Center of Long Island as a patient myself. Coping with hearing loss can be extremely stressful, but the caring and support of Dr. Cardano and his staff has helped me through the years – from finding the right hearing aid for me to making the proper adjustments to give me the best possible hearing – and has improved my enjoyment of life. The staff and doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island are understanding and always handle my needs and concerns in a caring and professional manner.

I would highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone who needs help with their hearing. Thank you for everything!”

– Frank Panariello, Elmont, NY frank panariello 5 star review

Dear Jennifer, I was a little hesitant about coming in for a hearing test (my first). After meeting you I found that it was a pleasant experience. You and the staff really put me at ease and I got rid of all my fears. I immediately got used to my new hearing aids! I am having no trouble adjusting. You helped to ease my way to a better hearing experience. There is a new world out there for me-thanks to you! You do an excellent job. Thank you.

Matilda Sposato, Valley Stream, NYmatilda 5 star review

mr shaw testimony

Mr. Shaw and Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro

“My hearing problems began when family and friends got tired of me asking them to repeat themselves. My hearing difficulty was frustrating for me but it was probably even more frustrating for them.

In October of 2004, I worked for Century 21 located right up the block from Hearing Center of Long Island.I went to your office and met Dr. Cardano and Dr. Lazzaro. They were very informative and made improving my hearing very simple to do.

Choosing Hearing Center of Long Island to provide my hearing care turned out to be the best decision I ever made.My hearing improved immediately and continues to be a great asset to me today.

The office staff was very helpful from the beginning and continues to be that way today. The office was and continues to be a very positive place to go. I have good times every time I have an appointment. After all the years I have been associated with Hearing Center of Long Island, the same great attitude continues by doctors and support staff.

Thank you for all you do. “

-Jack Shaw, Massapequa Park, NY jack shaw 5 star review

FOREWORD: Psychologist Dr. Daniel Aroaz is a dedicated professional. He has taught students as a university professor and has helped many clients in his clinical practice. He has also made significant contributions to his profession as the author of many publications – such as his 2006 book The Symptom is Not the Whole Story: Psychoanalysis for Non-Psychoanalysts. Working with Dr. Aroaz has been a pleasure for me. His empathy and deep understanding of human nature are obvious. His example inspires me to develop those qualities in myself. Thank you, Dr. Aroaz, for allowing us to provide your hearing care – and for allowing us to share your comments. – Dr. Larry

Dear Doctors Lazzaro and Cardano, Thank you for taking care of my hearing. Both of you showed genuine professional care, but the essence of this care at Hearing Center of Long Island was spontaneous, cheerful and friendly. Your specialized area in the medical field is not only complete. You truly listen to your patients… From time immemorial, the Buddhist practice of mindfulness included listening as an important factor in recognizing things around us and inside of us. Many countries and religions show great respect for hymns and unique melodies… for affirming their beliefs. Gregorian Chants, as one example among many, have survived the centuries because they facilitate our “listening,” affirming our belief and our hope in the all-powerful divinity… Similar melodies are found in many cultures like … the Aztecs. Hearing goes to the deepest part of our inner self, often revealing truths and prophesies that only come to us through listening… The expertise of Dr. Cardano and Dr. Lazzaro made me feel very comfortable and secure. I thank you not only for the specialized service but also for the humane and cultural respect of (helping people) become whole by activating listening. Best wishes for increased success serving, educating, and enriching our Long Island community.

Dr. Daniel L Araoz, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus-LIU Fellow, American Psychological Assoc.
daniel l 5 star review

jo anne lakatos testimony

Jo-Ann and Dr. Lorraine Rein

“Before coming to the Hearing Center of Long Island, I had significant hearing loss. It was frustrating. From my very first appointment, the front desk staff were very friendly and welcoming.

The doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island are wonderful. Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro was very sweet and genuinely concerned about my hearing situation. Dr. Lorraine Rein was very pleasant and answered all of my questions. She helped me adjust to my new hearing aids easily.

My hearing aids arrived quickly and wearing them ever since has changed my life. I am able to hear things I couldn’t before! They are comfortable and have helped me tremendously. Thank you!”

– Jo-Ann Lakatos, Lynbrook, NY joann lakatos 5 star review

jonathan katz testimony

Jonathan and Dr. Larry

After living with hearing loss for years, I finally went to the Hearing Center of Long Island. From testing and diagnosis to choosing the right hearing aids and explaining how they work, to processing of insurance, the doctors and their staff could not have been more helpful and friendly.

It has been a totally positive and life changing experience. I can hear so much that I didn’t know was missing – even including birds and other nature sounds and the full range of music. I can understand people ingroup settings, on the phone, and communicate better in all situations which brings me closer to family and friends.

Learning about and using this incredible technology has truly enhanced my life and has made me a happier person. Thank you!

– Jonathan A. Katz, Valley Stream, NY jonathan katz 5 star review

joseph testimony

“It’s been a five star experience working with Dr. Cardano and his staff.

Prior to receiving my hearing aids I alienated myself from associating with people because I couldn’t hear properly.

Everything now sounds so clear. I can now hear a whisper, enjoy watching television and playing my Hammond B3 organ!

At Hearing Center of Long Island you will find a very friendly, caring, and helpful team. They do everything they can to ensure that their clients experience with wearing hearing aids is successful.

In closing I want to thank Dr. Cardano and his staff for the chance to hear and enjoy the sound of music again.”

– Joseph Ruggiero, Laurelton, NY joseph ruggiero 5 star review

lawrence testimony

Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro and Lawrence

At Hearing Center of Long Island, the staff is great. The doctors are excellent.

– Lawrence Brignati Lynbrook, NY lawrence 5 star review

mary milone testimony

Dr. Larry, Mrs. Milone, and her delicious home made cookies

“As you will read in her comments below, we have had the honor of providing hearing care for Shelia Taaffe for a long time. It is a delight to work with her and to help her take advantage of improvements in hearing technology over the years. She has an infectious positive attitude that has helped her overcome many challenges, including the challenges of hearing loss. She is an inspiration to us. Thank you, Mrs. Taaffe for allowing us to share your comments below, and for the honor of providing your hearing care.”

– Dr. Larry

“I have been a patient at Hearing Center of Long Island for over seven years. It is only thanks to the friendly, knowlegable doctors and staff at Hearing Center of Long Island I can enjoy hearing conversation with family and friends.

I have been cooking and baking since I was a little girl. I especially enjoy cooking and baking for friends and family. I consider the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island to be friends and family. I hope they enjoy my home made cookies!

Thanks to my friends at Hearing Center of Long Island.”

– Mary Milone, Valley Stream, NY mary milone 5 star review

The first day I visited Hearing Center of Long Island I was really elated. I met with Dr. Larry and he welcomed me and offered me a seat in his office. I explained to him my frustrating experience at my previous hearing center and the difficulties I had there. After listening to my story he assured me that my new hearing center will not be a disappointing experience like the last one.

He took my hearing aids, examined them and gave me a hearing test. He explained what my diagnosis was. Dr. Larry fitted me with my new hearing aids and I was very happy with what I was now able to hear. I had not heard this well for a long time. I was very excited that I could now be able to communicate with my family and friends much better. It really enhanced my social life. I was on the brink of withdrawal from social activities. This handicap made it very difficult to communicate with my siblings and friends.

Finally, I want to thank you Dr. Larry, and your staff, for your commitment to helping me to regain my confidence and hearing. You and your team did a fantastic job which made my life happy and enjoyable again. I am now able to do my volunteer service to the elderly and less fortunate, which my hearing problems had prevented me from doing. I highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island for anyone in need of hearing help. Thank You Dr. Larry and staff!

Thank You, Dr. Larry.
Megan Primo, Jamaica, NYmegan 5 star review

ricardo testimony

Dr. Larry with Mr. Catalano and his son

“I visited Hearing Center of Long Island, I was trying to wear a hearing aid that was given to me by a relative. It was not much help as it was not customized for me. I was skeptical that anything would be better.

Fortunately, I attended a presentation by Hearing Center of Long Island director Dr. Lawrence Cardano. I learned the right questions to ask and how I might be able to solve my hearing problems.

After the presentation, I visited Hearing Center of Long Island. The doctors there took the time to find out what my concerns were and what was important to me. They customized a solution for me and helped me get used to better hearing easily. Now I enjoy wearing my hearing aids and hearing well in situations where I used to have trouble, like having conversations with family members and listening to TV.

I would highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone having difficulty with their hearing.”

– Richard Catalano, Malverne, NY richard catalano 5 star review

FOREWORD: John Costello is a successful businessman—and a raconteur. His sense of humor is infectious. When we first met him over a year ago he had a hearing aid he was not happy with. The best solution for his hearing concerns was not initially obvious. However, after working with him to clarify his needs, preferences and options, we fit him with Lyric hearing instruments. His comments below describe the results. Thank you, Mr. Costello, for sharing your sense of humor with us — and for allowing us to share your comments. – Lawrence Cardano, Au.D., Hearing Center of Long Island

Hearing problems are never fully realized until you can hear well again!! The difference between hearing a pin drop and having to squint your eyes in an effort to make out what people are saying is night and day. I used to sit in meetings and wonder who said what! I frequently missed very important dialogue and information. This is not good for business and downright embarrassing. So many times I would have to say, “Can you say that again please?” and have people look at me and ask if I’m deaf! Well I now can hear so clearly that I feel I can almost “hear the words before they are said”. I was in a restaurant where the kitchen was 25 feet away and someone dropped a pan on the floor, I was the only one at the table to hear it. Truly amazing! Thanks for working with me to find the most suitable and effective device for me, “The Lyric”! I now can have a conversation in a crowded place where there may be ten different conversations going on, while before I was at the point of learning to lip read and wing it! Thanks to Dr. Lazzaro and Dr. Cardano for making my quality of life so very much better.

John Costello, Franklin Sq., NYjohn costello 5 star review

ross testimony

Rose and Dr. Larry

“I would like to thank Dr. Larry and his staff at Hearing Center of Long Island for the expert service and caring attention they have given me

I was reluctant to get help for my hearing for a long time. The staff at Hearing Center of Long Island put me at ease right away. Now I can hear and understand conversation very well with my new hearing aids. I don’t misunderstand what people are saying like I used to and I no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves. I can even enjoy my country music more. I realize now how much I was missing out on before I let Hearing Center of Long Island help me.

My children thank you too! I no longer annoy and frustrate them with my hearing difficulty.

Thanks again to all my friends at Hearing Center of Long Island.”

– Rose D’Angelis Valley Stream, NY rose d 5 star review

Dr. Lawrence Cardano, Hearing Center of Long Island, (My wife) Jo and I are so very pleased and appreciative of your professional care and your dedication to your profession. We are especially impressed with the care and follow-up procedure and the visits you provide to eliminate future problems. The walk-in service is of great help as well. Your system is unique, and it is superior to the attentions which I have received from previous hearing centers. Your staff is great. Thank you.

Carl Laurino, Valley Stream, NYcarl 5 star review

carla testimony

Dr. Lorraine Rein and Carla

“Very helpful and professional staff. My mother’s quality of life is so much better. She is happier and more engaged. Thank You Hearing Center of Long Island for everything!”

– Carla Brissett-Douyon, Elmont, NY  carla b 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, It was such a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Lazzaro, and your staff. My husband has been using hearing aids for over 17 years and recently was hospitalized. One of his hearing aids broke down and it was difficult for him to communicate with doctors and staff. I attempted to have them repaired where they were purchased, but they were not handling that brand anymore and my husband would have to be present. I was told “you probably would not be pleased with the repair work”. After contacting the manufacturer of the hearing aids we were highly recommended to bring them to Hearing Center of Long Island. I was welcomed by a staff that was genuinely concerned and caring. They took the hearing aids for repair, without my husband being there, and I was able to pick them up and bring them to him. After his discharge from the hospital, his first appointment was at the Hearing Center of Long Island. The office is easily accessible, comfortable, cheerful, and you can “walk in” during certain hours, which is great. The time given to my husband to fine-tune the hearing aids was extraordinary. Both Dr. Jennifer Lazzaro and Dr. Lawrence Cardano perfected both hearing aids. Their knowledge and professionalism was unparalleled. My only regret was that I didn’t find Hearing Center of Long Island years ago. It was so refreshing to meet such dedicated doctors and staff who treat you as if you were their only patient. I am writing to you because both of us were searching for help and fortunately found Hearing Center of Long Island.

Doris and Richard Petersen, South Ozone Park, NYdoris 5 star review

sheila  review

Dr. Larry and Sheila

“I have been going to Hearing Center of Long Island for my hearing care since 1997. I had been wearing hearing aids for a long time before that. I’m so glad I found Hearing Center of Long Island.

I’m especially happy to have the follow-up service I get. I have been surprised by the improvements in technology over time. Technology for hearing improvements keep getting better and better. The doctors at HCLI make sure that I am introduced to improvements that can help address my concerns, without paying for features and technology I don’t need.

The doctors and staff go out of their way to explain things in a clear and timely way, and they respond to any questions or concerns I have. The service I have received is excellent. I would definitely recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone struggling with hearing difficulty!”

– Sheila Taaffee, Garden City, New York  sheila t 5 star review

I met Dr. Larry Cardano at a health fair… At that time I knew I had hearing loss but was unable to afford hearing aids … Dr. Larry set me up for a (hearing) test with Dr. Lazzaro in their office… she made the hearing aids up for me and saw that they work just fine. I want you to know that it’s just like having a new world open up for you. With my hearing aids … (it is like) the sun is shining all around after being cloudy and in a fog. … I hear familiar sounds that I have not heard for so long. It is very exciting. I now can watch TV at a normal level and not blast everyone out of the room. Also, I can now be part of discussions instead of feeling left out of conversations, meetings, etc. because I can’t hear what’s going on. You walk around feeling depressed and angry all the time when you feel like an “outcast”. Thanks to Drs. Cardano and Lazzaro. They have opened up a whole world for me. When I take my hearing aids out, it seems the world “shuts down”! I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and generosity. I will be forever grateful to the Lions Lend An ear Program and Drs. Cardano and Lazzaro.

Elissa Ryan, Inwood, NYelissa 5 star review

stephon testimony

Dr. Lorraine Rein and Stephon

“Mr. Foster with Dr. Lorraine Stephon Foster Testimonial Prior to coming to the HCLI I was extremely bothered by my hearing loss. Having solo conversations or even just watching TV was major issues. TV too loud, talking too loud, and ringing in my ears (tinnitus) was depressing. Now with my hearing aids life is that much better. The tinnitus is mastered with the fine tuning of Dr. Rein and my overall hearing experience in life is grand. I am beyond happy with everything.”

– Stephon Foster, Laurelton NY  stephon foster 5 star review

FOREWORD: When I first met Antonino Sciarrino in 2010, his warmth and humor made an immediate impression on me. Since then, as a fellow guitar player, I have enjoyed Mr. Sciarrino sharing his love of music with me. He has been playing guitar since childhood and just the mention of playing guitar will make his eyes light up and a smile spread across his face. Mr. Sciarrino is also an expert barber with a high end clientele in Manhattan. I’m sure his clients appreciate his warmth and humor as much as I do. Thank you, Mr. Sciarrino, for allowing us the privilege of providing your hearing care and for allowing us to share your kind words here. – Lawrence Cardano, Au.D., Hearing Center of Long Island

Dear Dr. Cardano, Thank you so much for helping me enjoy better hearing. My hearing is important to me at work. I have been at hair stylist and barber working in Manhattan for many years. I have long standing relationships with many of my customers. It is important for me to be able to hear and have conversations with them. Thanks to your help in finding the best solution for my hearing problems, I can. Of course, my hearing is also important to me at home. Your expertise has helped me solve the problems I had hearing my wife and television. In particular, the wireless device you set up to help me receive sound directly from TV to my ears through my hearing aids has made a tremendous difference. Now, not only can I adjust the TV volume exactly to my preference without disturbing my wife, but the clarity of sound and dialogue from TV is better than I ever expected. The honesty, expertise, and caring approach of you and your staff in helping me solve my hearing problems are much appreciated. I certainly recommend your office to anyone interested in enjoying better hearing.


Antonino Sciarrino, Valley Stream, NYantonino 5 star review

norman 5 star review

Dr. Larry and Norman

I need to hear well in my work as an attorney. It is also important for me to hear well when I am with my family and in social situations. Unfortunately, my hearing aids were not originally dispensed and fit at Hearing Center of Long Island. After I was fit with them I had a number of difficulties that were not resolved. The difficulty I had hearing on the phone, at work and with my family even while wearing my hearing aids was very frustrating.

Fortunately I found Hearing Center of Long Island. The staff was very friendly, accommodating and professional. The doctors at Hearing Center of Long Island took the time to understand my difficulties and to analyze the cause of my problems. They then used their expertise to solve my problems. They significantly improved my hearing and quality of life – all while working with the hearing aids already had.

My thanks to Dr. Cardano and the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island for all you have done for me. I would enthusiastically recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone coping with hearing difficulty.

Norman Mendelson Lynbrook, NYnorman 5 star review

Since we first met Johanna Pelo it has been a pleasure to provide her hearing care. She is obviously a kind, intelligent, and hard working woman. She is also a loving daughter, as we found when she brought her mother to us for hearing care.

Thank you, Mrs. Pelo, for the privilege of allowing us to provide your hearing care, for the trust you have placed in us, and for honor of allowing us to share your comments here. We take none of those for granted.

To: Hearing Center of Long Island:
I would not be able to function or go to work without my hearing aids. It is a comfort to know that the doctors at The Hearing Center of Long Island are always there if I need them. The staff is always so pleasant and accommodating. My sincere thanks to thank all of you.

Johanna Pelo, Valley Stream, NYjohanna 5 star review

I recently was fit with new hearing aids. As with anything new it takes a bit of time to get used to, but in this case it was well worth the delight in better hearing. Dr. Cardano and his staff have been most helpful in expertly adjusting the new hearing aids to suit my needs. The fact that I can now adjust the instruments to tone down background noise is amazing. Also, the new hearing aids allow the sound to go directly from a TV, a CD player or audio books to the hearing instruments. Not headphones needed! What a pleasure. The office staff at Hearing Center of Long Island is professional and friendly. I always enjoy walking in to say hello when I need more free batteries. (They are greatly appreciated – thank you.) Hearing aids have come a long way since my first pair in 1991. I am happy to say my new pair, fit at Hearing Center of Long Island, is the best yet.

Thanks again.

Liss Giraldi, Valley Stream, NYliss 5 star review

roger d 5 star review


When I first came to Hearing Center of Long Island I was certain I did not want or need hearing aids. My family had been complaining about my hearing and was frustrated with me. I thought they were just being picky but I decided to have my hearing checked to prove them wrong.

I’m so glad that I chose to go to Hearing Center of Long Island. Dr. Lazzaro worked closely with me to determine what my hearing needs were. When I discovered that I did in fact have hearing loss, I was still skeptical about needing hearing aids. Fortunately, I was able to try hearing aids before actually purchasing them. The experience of trying customized hearing aids with no cost or obligation- in real life for a number of weeks and not just in the office – was an eye-opening experience. I found that I was hearing so much better and started to realize how much I had been missing!

It took some time to get used to hearing things that I had not been hearing for a long time, but Dr. Lazzaro guided me through the process with care, patience and expertise that made it easy.

My hearing and ability to understand conversation are so much better now. My family is just as happy as I am and I’m not arguing with them about my hearing anymore!

My thanks to Dr. Lazzaro and the entire staff of Hearing Center of Long Island for making such a difference in my hearing and my quality of life.

Roger Diehm, Elmont, NYroger 5 star review

hearing center of long island review

Dr. Larry and Louise

I found Dr. Cardano on the internet because I was unhappy with my previous doctor. My great luck!!! The office is perfect. From the doctor’s who work there to the office staff. Everyone is so helpful and patient and expert. I can hear very well and when there are any problems they are fixed properly. So much caring and patience. Without them my hearing is nearly non existent! Recommend highly to others.

Louise Kaminowlouise 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, I came to Hearing Center of Long Island today thinking I was going to spend hundreds of dollars to fix my 94 year old mom’s hearing aid. It was so badly broken – the wires were hanging out of it. The hearing aid was fixed perfectly. It looks and works as if it were brand new. I asked how much I owed and I was told “Just a smile”. You are the best.

Thank you, again!
Denise M. Johansen, Daughter of Helen Johansen, West Hempstead, NYdenise 5 star review

hearing center of long island review

Dr. Larry and Lili

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I have had since finding you. I had been having trouble with my hearing for some time. Like many people, in spite of the fact that I needed a device to improve my hearing I was reluctant to obtain one. I suppose it’s a combination of the denial of growing older and a touch of vanity but once I decided to do something about my hearing loss, I started my search for help. I won’t go into details but I tried several other hearing professionals before I found you. From the very first visit you made me feel at ease. You took the time to listen to my complaints and my concerns and you made sure all my questions were answered to my satisfaction before you started to discuss remedies for my hearing loss.

To make a long story short you resolved my hearing loss issues and for the first time in years I can hear my friends and family speak and don’t feel like I am missing out on half of what is going on around me. I was a Registered Nurse before I retired and I can say without reservation that you are one of the most wonderful, kind and professional doctors I have ever had the pleasure to have met. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you to anyone. I now realize there was no need to suffer in silence, when there was a wonderful doctor like you (and your terrific staff) ready and willing to help just a few minutes away from my home. All I needed to do was to pick up the telephone and you and your staff did the rest. Everyone in my family is thankful that I have taken the steps to seek help for my hearing loss, especially me. There is no shame in hearing loss; the only shame is in not doing anything about it.

With sincere thanks.

Lilli Ceriano, Floral Park, NYlilli ceriano 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. Since working with you and having the hearing aids I feel more a part of any conversation. It’s a pleasure to hear and join in again! I encourage anyone with a hearing problem to go see you.

Thank you.
Frances Simeti, East Rockawayfrances 5 star review

rose c 5 star review

Dr. Larry and Rose

I have been wearing hearing aids and having my hearing care at Hearing Center of Long Island since 2006. I started to realize I need help when, one day, my daughter was driving my car and said how loud my directional signals were. I didn’t know what she was talking about, because I never heard the signals. When my daughters told me I needed hearing aids, I didn’t believe her.

Shortly after that I was at my daughter’s house while she was baking cookies. She was going into another room and she asked me to take the cookies out of the oven when the timer went off. I was only about 10 feet from the oven and didn’t hear the timer. She happened to come into the kitchen in time and said, “Mom, You didn’t hear the timer, did you?” I thought, “Oh my God, that could have been dangerous.”

The next day I went to Hearing Center of Long Island and ordered my first pair of hearing aids. When I got into my car and called my daughter, I told her I ordered hearing aids and she was so happy! I’m so glad I did, as my hearing problems have been solved.

In closing, I never met a Doctor as caring as Dr. Larry. He and his staff really care about their patients. I would recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone with concerns about their hearing.

Thank You, Dr. Larry.
Rose Caselli, Valley Stream, NYrose 5 star hearing review

Dear Hearing Center of Long Island, I wanted to thank everyone at the Hearing Center for being so kind and gracious to me over the past few years. The office staff is really a great group of people. They were personable, conscientious, qualified, and detailed every time I had appointments. New York doctor’s offices don’t always operate in this manner. Thank you! Dr. Cardano and Dr. Lazzaro are the best of the best. Real professionals and real people. I think very highly of both of you. In a world that has many problems and difficulties you are bright lights and beacons of goodness.

Thank you very, very much.
Tommy Thomas, P.G.A. Professionaltommy 5 star review

susan carlucci hearing center of long island review

Susan and Dr. Larry

FOREWORD: Susan Carlucci is one of the most upbeat people I have ever met. As you will read in her comments below, Susan Carlucci has struggled to cope with hearing loss since childhood. Her positive attitude has certainly helped her to overcome many challenges. We are honored that she allows us to provide her hearing care. Thank you, Susan, for allowing us to share your comments here. – Lawrence Cardano, Au.D., Hearing Center of Long Island

On January 12th of this year, my life changed for the better. Let me explain. When I was a child, I contracted Measles compounded with a Strep Throat. My parents and family doctor were concerned for my vision, not thinking the high fevers would affect my hearing, which was damaged. Elementary school was a struggle to learn to read and spell. To this day, if someone tells me to “sound it out”, I shudder. I endured four surgeries and speech therapy to improve my pronunciation of words in an effort to move up the corporate ladder.

On January 12th, I received my 10th or 11th set of hearing aids. These aids are the latest and the greatest of hearing aid technology. After Dr. Larry calibrated the aids to my hearing loss, I proceeded to drive home. I heard for the first time, my directional signal and windshield wipers. I was, and still am, thrilled.

I went to dinner with some friends. Background noise was not an issue any longer. It has been always been difficult for me to understand understand foreign accents. I went to see the movie “Lion”. The first part of the movie was in sub-titles. The second part of the film was set in Australia. Although I was accustomed to struggling with foreign accents, I understood every word

I’m saving the best for last. No more putting the speaker on your land line phone to understand language. Dr. Larry sets up my hearing aids to receive the audio into your hearing aids with no feedback noises.

Bluetooth technology allowed me to receive audio directly into my hearing aids from my cell phone. I have the Bluetooth setup for my cell phone and i-Pad. I can watch Netflix without disturbing anyone in my family. Have your Bluetooth hearing aids paired to your TV. Now your family can watch TV with the volume at any level they are comfortable with while you hear clearly and comfortably through your hearing aids.

As I stated above, my life has really changed for the better. Thank you to Dr. Larry, and all the staff at Hearing Center of Long Island!

Susan Carlucci, Lynbrook, NYsusan 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, I want to thank you for assisting me with my hearing problem. I could never imagine hearing aids would be something I would want to wear. Because of your hard work in molding a perfect fit I do not realize I am wearing them. Dr. Cardano, your knowledge and dedication are obvious. I was very impressed with your methods of testing, which you made very easy for me. Your personal calls to make sure I was doing well were much appreciated. My family is very happy that they no longer have to talk loud or even write notes to me, as they did in the past. It is a whole new world for me and I can’t thank you enough!

Vincent DeMarino, Valley Stream, NYvincent 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, (better know as Dr. Larry), I’ve been with you for over twenty two years – a lifetime. To my way of thinking ours is more than a typical doctor-patient relationship. I trust you and have faith in your judgment; I respect everything you’ve told me to do and not to do. When it comes to my ears – you’re the only one. Maybe there have been times when I have not correctly expressed the problems I’ve had with my hearing, but you seem to have understood, you’re always there to help. My new hearing aids are the best I’ve ever had. I can have conversations that I could not have before. I would cut conversations short for fear I would give a completely different response to what was being said. Larry, thanks for helping me and always being there for me – as I’m sure you’re always there for all your patients. Thanks again for your honesty, professionalism and caring.

Bernie Ezratty, Forest Hills, NYbernie 5 star review

To: Hearing Center of Long Island, What I like best about using my new hearing aids is the clarity and improvement of life it has given me. Having used other hearing devices for the past three years, it is the first time that I am truly satisfied with my hearing. Because the hearing aids I acquired from The Hearing Center of Long Island were selected and customized expertly, they provide excellent enhancement for my hearing. Since I am a very active 88-year-old, I like the fact that no one knows that I am wearing a hearing aid, it matches my skin color perfectly. I am now able to carry on a conversation without saying, “eh what you say,” or asking callers on the telephone, “Could you repeat that” , or “ I’m sorry I did not hear or understand what you said”, continuously. The best part is I can listen to the television at a moderate level and not have my children ask me to low it down, saying, “It’s too loud dad, we can’t hear the television upstairs.” Recently I attended my great grand-daughter’s performance in her school play and could hear everything well and did not miss a word. Going to the Hearing Center of Long Island is a wonderful experience. The doctors are truly expert specialist in their field and the support staff is accommodating and courteous. It was truly a great experience to go to the Hearing Center of Long Island and I hope to continue going there for a long time to come. Thank you Hearing Center of Long Island, Doctors, and Staff!

Henry E. Bernard, West Hempstead, NYhenry 5 star review

I would like to thank Dr. Cardano and his staff for their patience and understanding about the problem I was having finding the right hearing aids for my situation. They definitely improve my life in many situations. That would include the home setting and also social settings outside the home. I was very comfortable and completely satisfied in the way I was treated at Hearing Center of Long Island.

Louis Capone, Valley Stream, NYlouis 5 star review

Dear Dr. Cardano, I am writing to express my great appreciation for the services you have provided. I have been a hearing aid user for almost ten years, have purchased or tried six sets of hearing aids and have worked with quite a few audiologists. Not only are the hearing aids with which you provided me clearly superior to any others I’ve used, but your office’s service far surpasses that of any other audiologist in my experience. Hearing, of course, is important to everyone. However, not only do my social life and my abiding love of music requires good hearing, but my professional life hinges on my ability to hear well. The hearing aids I now have, with their capacity for easy adjustment, allow me to hear well in circumstances as varied as the quiet of my office or the noise of a crowded restaurant. Until now, no hearing aids have been nearly as effective and helpful. However, it is not only the hearing aids themselves for which I am grateful. I am not necessarily an easy person to please, but you have been more than equal to the task. Your patience in working with me to find the best instruments and the most advantageous settings was beyond my expectations. Even more extraordinary has been your eagerness to accommodate me in modifying my older hearing aids-purchased elsewhere- to have as a backup set. When the complications involved in this project necessitated work that you had not anticipated, your insistence on remedying the matter at your own expense was remarkable and truly appreciated. Your skill and professionalism, your availability, your very evident wish to be of service to your patients, and the consistently helpful and friendly efficiency of your staff have been welcome, indeed. I thank you.

Richard Sternberg Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist Hewlett, NYrichard s 5 star review

As one of the premier hearing care centers in Valley Stream, NY, our team at Long Island Hearing Center also provides award-winning hearing services to patients from Lynbrook, East Rockaway, Oceanside, Franklin Square, Malverne, Rockville Centre, Hewlett, West Hempstead Lawrence, Woodmere & Elmont, NY.