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Improving Cognitive Function Near Franklin Square, NY

improve cognitive function near lynbrook nyComprehensive Care You Can Count On

The process of clear hearing involves more than just your ears – it also involves your brain and your memory. Medical studies support the notion that working memory capacity is crucial for hearing instrument users who are trying to understand speech in poor hearing conditions.

At Hearing Center of Long Island, our approach to hearing loss rehabilitation includes improving cognitive function near Franklin Square, NY. Improving your cognitive function will support your ability to hear clearly and fully comprehend the sounds around you. We’re confident in our ability to change your life with better hearing through the trusted, long-term relationship we build with you. This mission inspires us to provide the best possible comprehensive hearing care with an unparalleled level of service.

See Our Experts for Improving Cognitive Function Near Franklin Square, NY

To learn more about our 5-star-rated hearing care and how we can help improve your cognitive function, we invite you to schedule your Complimentary Consultation & Evaluation today! Your appointment includes:

  • Extensive Hearing Screening – to measure your ability to hear in quiet environments, noisy situations, and when multiple people are speaking at the same time.
  • Communication Assessment – our expert will interview you about your listening environment and the problems you encounter.
  • Environment Analysis – we send you home with a temporary hearing aid that gathers more information about the issues that arise in your unique environment.
  • Customized Treatment Plan – customized to your personal needs.
  • Bonus – Receive a FREE copy of Dr. Cardano’s book, “Better Hearing With or Without Hearing Aids.” In this book, Dr. Cardano provides the tools and guidance needed to overcome your hearing difficulties and become part of the conversation again.

Call 516.872.8485 or click here to take advantage of this offer – we can’t wait to make you the newest member of the Hearing Center of Long Island family!

As one of the premier hearing care centers near Franklin Square, NY, our team at Long Island Hearing Center also provides award-winning hearing services to patients from Valley Stream, East Rockaway, Lynbrook, Oceanside, Malverne, Rockville Centre, Hewlett, West Hempstead Lawrence, Woodmere & Elmont, NY.